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Lanor Limited is a company specialized in fast moving consumer goods import, marketing and distribution, and is among the top 10 companies in its category of activity.


Established in 1980, Lanor Limited was the branch manager of Türk Bankası Lefkoşa Merkez and London, and was converted into a family business in 1987 by Mahmut Nuri Özgü, the first general manager of Cyprus Credit Bank. The company has successfully grown as a result of its strong financial management, trust in its business partners and a friendly service environment created; It has increased its international franchises and product range day by day. With the addition of the second and third generations to the company, Lanor Limited has become one of the leading companies in the sector by taking great steps towards institutionalization.


Lanor Limited, which has been investing in its future with solid and innovative steps since the first day it was founded; In 2011, it stepped into the pastry sector with chocolate and pastry products in order to operate more actively and effectively in the field of Out-of-Home Consumption, and over time, it has been able to meet all the needs of the sector by adding sugar doughs, silicone molds, pastry equipment, cake boxes and handkerchiefs to its product range. Our company also provides its customers with its professional demo chef, menu development, different cooking techniques, decoration techniques, etc. is the first and only company to provide support in the field.


Today, Lanor Limited serves all parts of Northern Cyprus with its 3800m² ISO inspection system and +17 degree cold and frozen air storage suitable for quality assurance, qualified personnel and vehicle fleet that can meet all needs. In our company, marketing is carried out in two different structures, namely normal sales points and Out of Home Consumption, and control and follow-up of distribution organization, stock and financial transactions are carried out in electronic environment from the stage of receiving orders.

As the Lanor family, we aim to meet the needs and expectations of the sector with strong and innovative steps, with all our stakeholders, as it has been until now, and to carry our company to the future by maintaining our steady growth.


Establishing business relationships with its suppliers and business partners adhering to the principle of reliability; With its customer-oriented service approach, strong human resources and distinctive experience, to bring the brands it represents to the leading position in the market segment and to maintain this position.


It can act fast in variable market conditions, combining quality and price at the right point; It meets the expectations of its customers in a timely and complete manner in a sensitive manner to the society and the environment; To be a company that embraces the peace, development and safety of its human resources and thus creates value for all its stakeholders, from suppliers to customers, employees to contractors.


We undertake that we will comply with the conditions of the Management and Food Safety System we have established in accordance with the principles of ISO: 9001: 2000 Quality Management System and ISO: 22000: 2005 and constantly improve its effectiveness.

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