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Zwanenberg Food, Europe's largest canned meat and sausage company since 1875, has managed to become an indispensable part of Cypriot culture for more than 35 years with its 'Bolibif' and sausage brand Zwan.

Zwan products in breakfast, sandwiches and toasts, pizza, pasta, fried eggs; In short, it is used at any time of the day and meal in Cyprus.

The most important thing that distinguishes Zwan from other brands is that it offers indisputable quality, taste and trust in all its products. Zwan, which has BRC (British Retail Consortium) and IFS (International Food Standards) certificates in its food safety and quality applications, is one of the rare brands that has a 'Better Life' certificate that confirms that it adheres to all ethical rules during production.

The cooperation of Zwanenberg Food Group and Lanor Limited aims to be the only brand that comes to mind when it comes to 'bolibif' without compromising the principles of hygiene, quality and delicious products.

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